Sirolan Lammastila

History of the sheep farm

The story of our farm began in the 1960s, when Outi’s parents moved from Juuka to Tohmajärvi and bought a small farm called Tuleva for practicing dairy farming.  Milk production was practiced until the 1980s, and the arable land expanded and the buildings were renewed over the course of years. After cows, it was horses who pastured in the fields, and most of the fields were used for grain farming. In 1990, it was finally the time to transfer the farm to the next generation, from parents to daughter. Outi completed a degree in both agriculture and forestry, and familiarized herself with managing a farm with the help of her parents. Outi’s husband Jari worked outside the farm until 2009, when he was finally able to retire as a border officer and work at the farm full time. From the beginning of 2021 the farm has been managed by Outi’s and Jari’s daughter Roosa and her family.

The Sirola Farm

In addition to breeding animals, our company produces lamb meat, mutton, processed meat, wool and lambskins.

The lamb is directly marketed under the brand Sirolan Tilan karitsaa®, and our customers include private individuals, restaurants and retailers. You are welcome to visit our Sirola Farm Shop. You can order online or visit the store at our farm.


At first, plant cultivation was our main production line, but soon enough we decided to utilize our buildings for livestock farming, too. Sheep was chosen as the production animal quite coincidentally, after we saw a news article about Oxford Down breeder Pekka Helminen and visited his farm in Viinijärvi.

The visit was well worth it as the first 25 Oxford Down ewes and two rams called Paul and Pörri arrived at our farm in August 1994. Finally, sheep farming replaced plant cultivation at our farm. Today, we have been practicing responsible breeding for more than 20 years.

At the moment, we have 150 ewes with excellent carcass qualities and well above twenty rams from all of the male lines in Finland. As we have been determined to develop our sheep breeding practice, we have carried out several insemination projects and imported new male lines. The last import took place in the autumn of 2016 from UK.

You can purchase our breeding animals any time of the year. You can find the sheep that are for sale at the moment here.