taljatThe Oxford Down has very dense, straight, and long-stapled wool, which results in a puffy lambskin that will stay soft for years if treated in the right way.

vaunutaljaDue to these qualities, an authentic lambskin is perfect for many uses, for people of all ages and for pets as well.

You can use lambskins as an element of decoration at home or perhaps at your cottage. It is also a great seat cover in vehicles or in chilly rooms. Professional drivers like to use lambskins as car seat covers because they are always dry and warm and do not make the driver sweat as electric car seat heaters do.

sisustustaljaOur lambskins are natural white in color, and we avoid bleaching them pure white. We have lambskins with brushed wool as well as with wool staples.

Modifur Oy, located in Panttila, processes our lambskins with traditional methods. The processing lasts more than a month, so our selection is at its best right before Christmas!

If you want to know more about our lambskins, you can contact us by using the contact form.

Care Instructions for Lambskin:

talja_tuolillaAiring and shaking out are the best care for lambskin.Beating the lambskin in dry snow also freshens it and makes it puffier. You can also try brushing the wool with, for example, a scrubbing brush, which will make flattened wool airier. Spots can be removed with a damp cloth and mild soap. The back of the lambskin should not get wet, if possible. If it does get wet, dry it in a cool and airy place. A wise old Finnish saying should be kept in mind: “Where butter will melt, there wet leather will burn.”